September 30, 2014


M.A.Designs Now Redesigned to Host Events!

Our design space has a new look! We now not only offer custom furniture and home decor designs for sale, but we now offer a classic and unique event space that you can rent out for parties and events! Plus through our catering company M.A.D FOOD Co we offer in house catering so it's a one stop shop event venue! During events we can make the space a blank canvas or help you design and bring in decorations to match your event style! We are now scheduling events for this upcoming holiday season so don't delay in contacting us to host your next birthday party, anniversary party, sports watch party, girls night out get together, bridal or baby shower, auction, reunion, wine tasting or trunk show!  Check out more on our latest Facebook Post!

September 17, 2014


Glam Girls Night Out Jewelry Party at Morgan Allen Designs

Join us for an evening at M.A.Designs where you will learn how to create your own customized 'GLAM' hand stamped jewelry piece! 

Our M.A.Design Team will show you how to creatively work with metal and how to work with metal stamps to create your own customized hand stamped jewelry piece.  You can choose to learn how to stamp your initial, name or word on your metal charm and you can also decide if you would like to create a necklace, key chain or even a name tag for your four legged friend.  Plus you will get to 'GLAM' out your creation with charms, jewels, pearls, just an endless selection of add on to create a true one of a kind piece!

Click HERE to Join our Facebook Event!

Tickets are $45 in advance or $55 at the door the evening of event. Click HERE to purchase tickets online!

Friday, September 26th 7:00pm
Morgan Allen Designs, 150 Howell Street Dallas TX 75207

For Further Information Please Contact Ashley or Blake: 214.760.9902

July 23, 2014


Night Out at Morgan Allen Designs - Wines & Cheese Tasting + More!

Join Morgan Allen Designs for a night of shopping, jewelry making, and wine and cheese tasting! The party starts with select furniture and home decor being 30% off, then M.A.D Food Co Team will be serving wine and cheeses. Top off the night by learning to create your own cork necklaces, you can even bring your own special wine cork for a memorable piece! Buy your tickets online for $45 or at the door for $55. 


Morgan Allen Designs150 Howell Street Dallas, TX 75207
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(214) 760-9902 (phone)


SCHEDULE July 24, 2014 6:30 pm


D Dish Morgan Allen Designs Wine Event

July 12, 2014


7 best ways to beat the summer heat around Dallas-Fort Worth

From our friends at Dallas Culture Maps learn how you can best best the summer heat!


July 08, 2014


Summer Office Renovation

Summer Office Renovation

 As the heat starts to engulf our summer days here in TX and the days just get longer and hotter with no prospect of being able to get out for a leisurely walk with the dogs, I try to look around the shop and start making myself stay busy inside.  So, as I look around I start to make a list of all the spaces that I need to tackle to either organize, decide to give a fresh new look to or BOTH!  My husband and I are fortunate to work side by side together at M.A.Designs, so he is a good eye and extra hand to help with my summer renovations. 

For the first project we are starting in the office.  It needs some new life to the drab space and some definite organization.  During the summer I tend to adore lots of color but always with a touch of simplicity.

Simple designs are always a motto around here.  To make a space redesign focused it's nice to break down the space with 5 categories of design that you want to focus on to make the space your own.  I broke down into 5 categories that describe the perfect office for me. White, color, plants, brass and patterns. I want every inch of my office to be cheerful and inspiring, but balanced with minimalism and not overloaded. Just like a blank canvas, a few pops of color here and there, inspiring patterns, touch of brass and gold for light and a few plants for freshness will do the trick.

5 Categories That Describe The Perfect Office

The fun part is, that when redecorating an office, you can get a bit crafty too!  Below we have listed some perfect DIY projects that not only truly make the space your own by allowing you to create your own decor items, but also help you save a few bucks on the budget!  So get creative, be bold and take charge of your summer office renovations with these DIY transformation ideas! 

DIY Design Ideas For Summer Renovations

1. Besides all the office essential, it’s relaxing to have some fun decorations! I feel for this simple paper wreath, that would look just perfectly on any wall, or desk!

2. Who need post its when you can have your own mini chalkboard! And how sweet and rustic it looks on wood?

3. Putting washi tape in a good use! Cords don’t always need to be messy and white!

4. Watercolor, with bright colors paper tags, as color swatches to add some pop into your desk.

5. One of my favorite coasters probably. And so easy to make. Leather silver and leather gold.

6. Probably the most easy and fun DIY for an office. All you need to use is nail polish to give a new “breath” to your office tacks.

7. I would say yes to color dipped everything, especially a plant pot!

July 02, 2014


3 Fun Dresser Makeovers

How much time do you have? HGTV Magazine shows you three cute ways to redo a basic wood dresser, no matter your time constraints.

Your Blank Canvas

You can transform a drab dresser in only a few hours. More time to spare? Check out these three ideas for any schedule and style. See a link at the bottom of a slide? Click it for details on each project, including step-by-step images and specific paint colors. Happy DIYing!

A Few Hours: Stick-On Decal Sheets

Remove the drawers and knobs. Dip just the tip of the brush into latex paint. Dab the bristles on a paper towel, then brush the paint onto the dresser with quick, light strokes so the wood grain shows through. Paint the entire frame, including the legs, using this dry-brush method.

A Day: Paint Stripes

Paint the drawer fronts and frame with one color of latex paint. Let dry, then insert the drawers. Tape off your first stripe by applying delicate-surface painter’s tape. Repeat, running another piece of tape parallel to the first. Use a utility knife to slice the tape between the drawers, pressing down the edges.

A Weekend: Decoupage and Monogram

Prime the frame and drawer fronts. Let dry while you cut the wrapping paper into strips and squares. Apply Mod Podge matte finish onto the dresser frame and back of the paper one piece at a time. Stick the paper to the frame, overlapping the edges and smoothing out air bubbles. Apply a coat of Mod Podge … More

View Original Article HERE from HGTV:

June 28, 2014


Original Vintage Jack Daniel Whisky Barrels! New Barrel Projects Coming Soon!

We are so excited at Morgan Allen Designs to get our hands on 5 original Jack Daniel Whiskey barrels!  They are awesome the vintage wood, the stamp of Jack Daniels, the unique design from a sticker that was placed on the barrels when they were used in barrel races, make these barrels unique and one of a kinds! 

So, as I sat at the shop and after staring at them for awhile I didn't want to just use them as a table base, although I love that and was the first thing we did with one of the barrels that you can see below.  Make for a perfect high top round table with our custom tractor seat bar-stools.  A fabulous rustic chic look don't you think?  Well with the other four barrels I want to get creative, I want to re-purpose them into a furniture design that's not only unique but gives these barrels a new purpose from their old like of aging and holding whiskey.  My search started on Pinterest, of course :)  And wow was I shocked, surprised and oh so inspired to see all the different designs and creative ways people of re-purposed and up-cycled their barrel projects! 

Take a look at the Pinterest search I found and tell us what is your favorite re-purposed barrel design!  What would you like to see our MAD Team create?  Just comment below and we look forward to posting what custom barrel designs we end up with!

June 25, 2014


MAD Summer Sale In The Dallas Design District

We have started our MAD Summer Sale at our storefront in the Dallas Design District!  We have everything from Kreiss Collection Beds & Couches to custom repurposed and up cycled furniture designs & home decor all on sale up to 62% OFF!!!  Stop by the store before June 30th to take advantage of these ridiculously awesome pricing!

June 13, 2014


The Only People For Me Are The MAD ones...

We couldn't say it better....

The only people for me are the MAD ones, the ones who are MAD to live, MAD to talk, MAD to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the one who never yawn or say a commonplace things, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars... Jack Kerouac


June 10, 2014


Looking for a venue to host your next event in Dallas?

Look no further!  At M.A.Designs we are now offering event services in the Dallas Design District.  Everything from a girls night out, art / jewelry / sewing party, movie night, birthday party venue and everything else in between.  Within our 6,000 square foot space we can turn your dream event or small get together into a reality.  There is nothing too small or big for our M.A.Design team and we have the capabilities to do everything for decor, staging and catering in house so all you have to do is show up and enjoy your event.  Contact us for more details on how we can accommodate your next event!

Learn more about our events here:
Contact: Ashley or Blake Penn at 214.760.9902 /

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